Can My Child Safely Take CBD?

October 23, 2019

Can My Child Safely Take CBD?

Is CBD oil safe for kids? When other treatments haven't helped your child, are CBD benefits available for kids as well as adults? Let's take a look.

It is only natural for a child's caregiver to seek relief from the best possible sources. CBD for anxiety, for seizures, for hyperactivity or for attention deficit issues may seem like a natural option and good to try. But special care is necessary when CBD for children is the topic.

If parents or guardians buy over-the-counter CBD products that aren't reputable and don't carry third-party certification, for example, they take the risk that their child could ingest active levels of THC. The medically proven effects of THC over time on a child's brain include attention and memory impacts that last long after the child stops taking the product.

And oil with dubious CBD content that could have contaminants can be harmful to anyone, not just children.

What to Do If Your Child Has Accidentally Taken CBD

It's possible that kids might find and share edibles at school, or see something attractive when visiting a friend's home. Always speak with your child's doctor if the little one gets into any off-limit foods, medications or supplements—including CBD.

Know that the World Health Organization examined authentic CBD supplements and reviewed the research to comment on their safety. The report decidedCBD is generally well tolerated" and that its safety profile is good. Any adverse impacts would involve interactions between CBD and someone's current medications, not CBD itself, the Organization stated.

And, in contrast to the situation with pain medications, if kids are ingesting CBD they are not at risk for dependence or substance abuse.

The World Health Organization notes that there are no accounts of recreational CBD use or any health-related dangers connected with pure CBD.

What Science Says About Potential Uses for CBD in Children

Looking at the research, we see a very positive outlook ahead for CBD in general. Because everyone has internal receptors that engage CBD, the very young won't be left out.

Osteopathic doctor Dr. Junella Chin explains that the research on cannabinoids is already robust. Dr. Chin curates an online index with hundreds of scientific articles on CBD for kids and adults.

CBD has clearly reached many research milestones in the United States. Quite recently, Epidiolex debuted as an FDA-approved CBDdrug. It's prescribed for rare, severe types of epilepsy in children who previously lacked medical options.

As the FDA has already approved one form of CBD for children, Dr. Chin notes, "you can extrapolate how safe it is.”

How the Law Followed the Science

“Because CBD contains less than 1% THC and has shown some potential medicinal value," the federal Drug Enforcement Administration said, "there is great interest" in the ongoing research on CBD for medicinal uses.”

Thus, it acknowledged CBD's potential benefits In 2015 when it released CBD from research restrictions that had listed hemp as a Schedule 1 substance.

So, in the United States, research has had a major boost and the DEA is supporting this progress. At the same time, the agency has made it clear that all sellers must steer clear of unproven medicinal claims.

This is why we show you the research, but we do not make any claims that that CBD is a cure for any health condition. Nowhere is this more important than when we talk about CBD for kids.

What Researchers Are Finding Out About CBD for Autism

In Israel, a line of research has been undertaken to find out how CBD can assist kids on the autism spectrum in social interactions. One study involved 60 children. The studies showed a marked lessening of anxiety, behavioral issues, and communication problems in a significant number of the children. Parents reported a reduction in the stress they felt, too.

We're happy to say that Dr. Adi Aran, who directs the Shaare Tzedek Medical Center's pediatric neurology department, is continuing to lead this line of research.

This adds to a growing number of studies in this area worldwide.

How CBD Oil for Children Is Dosed

How much CBD oil is best for children? The FDA has set no recommendations to date for a CBD dosage for kids. The optimal dose for a person of any age will depend on several factors, including CBD tolerance and the purpose of the dose.

For the pediatric population of CBD users, experts suggest starting with a CBD oil dosage of 0.5mg per lb. of the child's weight, three times a day. A child will need a doctor's guidance, based on the child's weight, body chemistry, and the condition at issue.

Body mass and weight always plays a role in CBD dosage. Typically, the smaller and lighter a person is, the lower dose needed to experience CBD's calming effects.

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