CBD and Migraine Headaches: Follow the Science

December 04, 2019

CBD and Migraine Headaches: Follow the Science

We'd like to introduce our readers to an extremely important topic for many people: CBD oil benefits for migraine headaches.

Millions of people seek relief from debilitating migraine headaches. What causes migraine attacks? The triggers can be environmental, hormonal, or both. For most people, the usual remedies offer limited effects. So, some migraine sufferers ask whether cannabidiol, also known as CBD, might be able to ease their symptoms.

Many anti-migraine therapies have such dangerous side effects, that the research and development of these drugs have been stopped. New therapies are urgently needed, scientists have observed. The Cannabis sativa plant is a centuries-old aid for a multitude of health conditions, but it seems new to the North American audience. Yet scientists have pointed out that medical cannabis offers anticonvulsive, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving effects.

While medical marijuana has already entered the migraine therapy portfolio, CBD is non-psychoactive — it doesn't cause a high — when engaging our body’s endocannabinoid system. In some people, the interaction can help to lower stress, pain, and inflammation.

CBD Oil and Migraine Headaches: Can It Help?

Dr. Eric P. Baron, who teaches neurology at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, notes that cannabinoids and terpenes have strong anti-inflammatory and pain relieving traits. With CBD for pain, Dr. Baron recommends starting at 5 to 20 mg daily, but lower than 160 mg, a level at which some people can experience a sedative effect.

Can doctors prescribe CBD oil for migraine headaches?

No. The FDA makes it clear that CBD may not be prescribed. (An exception is the FDA-approved Epidiolex CBD, sold by GW Pharmaceuticals to treat two childhood epilepsy disorders.)

Yet doctors may suggest CBD oil, or support its use by patients.

Under the 1st Amendment, Dr. Baron observes, the federal government is not free to silence people from discussing its potential benefits or limitations. Which is a good thing, considering that CBD is legal, and commonly available in stores and online. People need helpful information.

Words to the Wise on CBD and Migraine Headaches

Regarding CBD oil for migraine attacks, Dr. Stephen Silberstein, who directs the Headache Center for Philadelphia's prestigious Jefferson University Hospital, thinks migraine-related nausea, neck pain, or soreness may be helped by CBD oil.  

Dr. Silberstein stresses the importance of selecting a vetted, pure CBD oil to avoid harmful contaminants. Silberstein points out that CBD is for adult-only use, and also emphasizes the value of open, trust-based dialogue between consumers and their doctors about taking CBD.  

All of this is highly valuable to know. At Mtiva, we want to let people who seek CBD for migraine headaches or any other condition know that CBD is not considered a cure for disease. Customers look to CBD to improve quality of life — not as a miracle cure.

Amy Abernethy, the FDA's Principal Deputy Commissioner, recently stated that “questions remain” on the issue of CBD safety. Abernethy pointed to “reports of products containing contaminants” and added that products found to contain heavy metals or pesticides could come with health risks that consumers should be aware of. At Mtiva, we completely agree.

How Can We Tell if a CBD Oil Is Tested, Clean and Pure?

When looking for a CBD oil, check the label for a Certificate of Analysis, or COA. It's a vital guide to purity. The COA tells consumers the lab test results that confirmed the bottle contains what it says it does. A third-party, independent testing company should conduct this testing.

The COA shows consumers that:

  • The product is actually CBD oil. (Yes, there are sellers that dress up oils with hemp leaves and sell them as CBD. Only buy from a trusted company.)
  • The oil has been checked and found free of harmful contaminants and pesticides. (Yes, there are products out there that won't pass the test. It bears repeating: only buy from a trusted company!)
  • The oil has both cannabidiol and terpenes. That is, it's a full-spectrum product, derived from the whole plant, to offer an entourage of benefits.

Speaking of what's in the bottle...

What's In Mtiva CBD Oil, and How Does Mtiva Ensure Safety?

Mtiva's analysis shows a moderate-strength CBD oil, with a maximum 0f 3.9% CBD contents in the oil.

What's even more important than quantity? Yes, quality. Crucially, Mtiva CBD is checked by a third-party lab. The source of Mtiva's CBD? Organically grown hemp from a licensed farm, and a transparent, farm-to-bottle supply chain. Mtiva CBD oil contains no additives or preservatives. We keep our products free from fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. They will never contain growth hormones or other unwanted agricultural by-products, as verified by independent laboratory testing.

Certified test results demonstrate that there are no chemical solvents in a CBD oil. Always avoid glycols: these are typically listed as propylene glycol or polyethylene glycol. Mtiva CBD oils are free from solvents. When it's time to extract CBD from the plant, Mtiva uses a clean process: the CO2 extraction method.

CBD and Migraine Relief: Learn More

Talk with your doctor if you suffer from any painful condition. Familiarize yourself with migraine research and support organizations to learn about the condition, including related CBD findings. And contact Mtiva if you have further questions about our products.

Try CBD Oil for your Migraine

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