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CBD For Health and Well-Being: How Much Should You Take?

July 01, 2019

CBD For Health and Well-Being:  How Much Should You Take?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive, natural compound in Cannabis sativa plants. Its super power? It engages our bodies' internal cannabinoid receptors.

These natural receptors regulate our pain sensitivity, our moods, and our appetites, and achieve balance in the body.

Thanks to the high demand for CBD as a natural, non-harmful aid to ease anxiety, pain, or other stressful imbalances, many CBD products are available today. Oils and tinctures stand out for their ability to be measured in precise doses.

Deciding How Much CBD Oil to Take
An initial question always comes up: What is the dosage for CBD oil?

When deciding how much CBD oil to take, note that our bodies change over time. So do our internal cannabinoid receptors! This means your best CBD dosage can ebb and flow over the course of your life.

CBD dosage just isn’t one-size-fits-all, and there is no official RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) yet available.

That said, there's a known range of the typical CBD doses people take. Understanding that CBD dosage is an inexact science, we're here today to find and share tried-and-true guidance on how to calculate CBD dosage. So, without further ado, let’s look at some general rules and do our best to answer that burning question so many people have: What’s the best CBD dosage?

Calculating Your CBD Dose
CBD oil can be blended into food or drink, or dropped directly beneath your tongue, where it finds a direct route to the bloodstream.

But how do you fill the dropper?

Step 1: Read your label.

  • Check the amount of CBD in milligrams (mg), and how much oil your bottle contains. Bottles usually contain 15 mL or 30 mL.
  • Notice the concentration, as it can range from 100 to 5000 mg!

Step 2: Calculate your dropper dose.

  • Refer to a CBD dosage calculator, and aim to take 1–6 mg per every 10 lbs. you weigh.
  • If you have 1500 mg of CBD in a 30 mL bottle, divide 1500 by 30—that's 50 mg per dropper.
  • If you weigh 150 lbs., starting at 15-25mg is reasonable. So, if your dropper holds 50mg, you would work up to half a dropper.

Fine Tuning

Mild discomfort generally responds best to the lower range of dosing for gentle, steady care. A CBD dosage for pain, or a CBD oil dosage for anxiety, may need to be higher.

Because CBD is non-toxic, you can gradually raise your CBD dosage to the higher end of the range.  The World Health Organization has found no health risks, harms or abuse potential for CBD.

Now, take notes on your physical responses, and be open to doing some fine tuning as you go along!

Please note: This article shares general information only, not medical advice. While no hospitalizations due to contraindications are reported, do consult your physician if you’re starting out, especially if you’re on medications. Most doctors today have enough knowledge of CBD to offer you the necessary, individualized advice.


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