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CBD Oil: What Do We know About Its Effects on Cancer?

September 07, 2019

CBD Oil: What Do We know About Its Effects on Cancer?

You might wonder about the current research on CBD oil benefits for people with cancer. Let's start out by clearly saying no one claims that CBD cures cancer. If you read that CBD is a cure, the source is incorrect.

What CBD might be able to do is:

  • Help to relieve symptoms of common treatments, including chemotherapy.
  • Prevent cancer: slow down or stop cancer cell growth.
  • Elevate quality of life.

Let's look at where the research stands.

Easing Chemo Symptoms

Chemotherapy comes with known side effects: exhaustion, an upset stomach, and nausea. CBD oil is used on all these common side effects.

CBD is particularly sought after to ease nausea and vomiting, which are very common, and play a big role in the quality of life of people living with cancer.

Therefore, for people undergoing treatment for cancer, CBD may provide a safe, natural option for relief from common symptoms.

Pain may also be a cancer symptom. In recent decades, studies have looked at many types of cancer to understand how CBD may help cancer patients with pain.

The mouth spray Nabiximols contains a blend of THC and CBD. Canadian and some European medical communities are already using the drug to help with cancer-related pain. At the time of this writing, it is not approved in the United States. Its very existence, though, shows a global medical community's interest in cannabinoids as a form of pain relief.

Preventing Cell Growth

A promising line of research suggests CBD could in fact stop the spread of cancer cells without harming normal, healthy cells.

Researchers have explored CBD to potentially treat neuroblastoma, a cancer that affects children. They have also done work on CBD and breast cancer, and explored the potential of CBD on colon cancer. According to the American Cancer Society itself, the use of CBD may slow cell growth or even cause cell death in certain cancer cells grown in labs.

While CBD is not approved by the FDA, a growing body of research, including clinical trials, shows that CBD is potentially useful for human cancer diseases and symptoms.

While the science does show cannabinoids can safely help people with cancer, no scientists claim that CBD is a cure.

How to Use CBD Oil for Cancer

By now, you might wonder: How much CBD oil should I give myself to experience effects?

First things first. Select full spectrum, high-quality CBD. Then, use it daily to build up a concentration of CBD in your system.

Most people who use CBD oil to ease cancer-related pain begin with a dose of 20 to 40 mg daily, increasing it, if necessary, by 10 mg until feeling its effects. Use CBD oil by dropping it under your tongue and holding it before swallowing.

Please note that depending on CBD while rejecting or delaying medical treatment can create serious health risks. Neither this website nor any other website can substitute for the knowledge and counsel of your doctor. Also, please note that the cited research is offered to increase our readers' general knowledge, and cannot be taken as individual advice. Every body is different!


Organic CBD Oil For Cancer

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