CBD Oils. CBD Tinctures. Are They the Same Thing?

September 15, 2019

Two of the most popular and most effective forms of CBD products are CBD oils and CBD tinctures. Both can be taken orally. Just drop a little CBD into your mouth for best absorption into the bloodstream. It's best to drop the oil or tincture under the tongue, wait to let the liquid be absorbed, then swallow.

Now and then, a studious customer will ask us: "Wait. Is there a difference between CBD oil and a CBD tincture?"

While the uses of CBD oil and CBD tinctures are similar, indeed there is a difference between them.

The gist of it is:

  • CBD oil is cannabidiol carried in an oil base. The carrier oil does not add any fragrance or taste. It simply makes the CBD easier consume and absorb.
  • A CBD tincture contains cannabidiol in alcohol, often combined with herbs or essential oils.

Let's take a more detailed look at each of these two CBD product types.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oils contain CBD extracted from cannabis, added to a carrier oil like MCT and coconut oil.

CBD oil contains a pure form of CBD. Extra ingredients — such as peppermint, for those who prefer CBD without the hempy taste — will be subtle, if added at all.

CBD oil is 100% plant-based, which is important for many people.

Pure CBD in a coconut MCT carrier oil is free of additives and easily absorbed. As well as taken by mouth, CBD oil can alternatively be applied to the skin. It moisturizes and soothes the skin while penetrating to the inflammation, aches and pains, or irritation. The natural presence of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds make CBD very soothing on the skin.

And because CBD in coconut oil is a pure oil, it can also be dropped into coffee or gently used as an oil in baked treats.

Overall, CBD oils have proven versatile, quickly effective, and wonderfully user-friendly. Most important of all, their potency is highly valued for easing the symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, or serious health conditions.

What Is CBD Tincture?

While the term is sometimes used interchangeably with pure CBD oil, tinctures are blended oils. Tinctures, therefore, tend to have a lower CBD percentage.

CBD tinctures are used much like CBD oils. On the plus side, the alcohol in a tincture can preserve the shelf life of the product.

CBD tinctures include CBD oil plus herbs, additives, fragrant oils, sweeteners, or vitamins such as B12, D, E, or C.

The cleanest CBD oils are derived from the plant through CO2 extraction. CBD for tinctures can be derived in the same way. Yet it is often derived through alcohol extraction for tinctures. This means soaking the plant in ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. It's a shortcut, compared to clean CO2 extraction.

In addition, some tinctures contain soy-based emulsifiers or polysorbate 80. You can always make your own pure CBD tincture by mixing plain CBD oil and citrus or fresh herbs.

CBD Dosage: Yours Is Unique to You

In fact, your optimal CBD dosage fluctuates over time, within the range of the typical CBD oil dosage or tincture dosage.

If you have selected an oil, orient yourself to CBD effects and arrive at a dose that works for you. If you have a bottle containing 250mg (30ml), and a full dropper gives you 8mg of CBD, begin with 1-6 mg every day for every 10 lbs. you weigh. A 150-lb. person can reasonably start with 15-25mg, or 2-3 droppers during one day.

CBD is non-toxic. (When the World Health Organization assessed CBD, it found health risks and no harms, and no potential for abuse.) With this in mind, you know you can safely and steadily raise the amount you take to the higher end of the typical range. In time, you can customize your approach to how to take CBD.

Bottom Line on Oil or Tincture

Some people prefer CBD tinctures because they come in so many flavors. Some seek a particular effect from a blend of oils. Still others prefer oil because it's alcohol- and additive-free. It's always possible to make a personalized CBD tincture, starting with CBD oil. And while CBD oil is generally taken under the tongue, it can added to your beverage of choice.

Whether you choose a CBD oil or a CBD tincture, or even learn how to make CBD tincture yourself, you'll be using CBD in one of its most potent yet customizable forms.

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