Hitting the Road This Winter With Essentials From Mtiva CBD

December 17, 2021

Ready for the road trip of your life? Everybody has a bit of cabin fever right now, so road trips are appealing. They have a way of setting everything right again and adding a little perspective to life.

Logistically speaking, it’s cheaper to fill up the tank, even though gas prices are up than to buy a plane, train, or bus ticket. More fun, too, because going on the road lets you explore the landscape of this beautiful country.

As with most things in life, the better you plan, the smoother it will go. Luckily, Mtiva CBD has a wide range of hemp products guaranteed to make a difference. Consider some tips to get you on the right path for your road trip.

More Snacks, Fewer Stops

Snacks are an absolute necessity for any road trip, but what you eat matters. Too much junk, and you’ll be stopping for other reasons. You don’t have to 100 percent healthy when it comes to packing snacks. What fun would that be?

But, a few nutritious munchables will fill you up and keep your energy levels high. For example:

  • Beef jerky – It’s a road trip staple food. If you feel extra adventurous, you might pick yours up at the local health food store instead of the gas station. Look for organic and grass-fed for the most health benefits.
  • Popcorn – It’s the food that goes with everything. Popcorn also has lots of fiber because traveling tends to clog up the pipes and complex carbs for energy. FYI: Drizzle a little Mtiva CBD Active CBD Oil with Turmeric, Ginger, and Black Pepper over your popcorn for extra flavor. It may also help keep you from getting sore between leg stretches.
  • String cheese – Because you are never too old. Pair your string cheese with some apple slices you diligently cut at home and packed for your trip.
  • Nuts – Rich in protein to keep the hunger at bay and full of healthy fats for extra energy.

Snacks complete the road trip experience. It may also be a good idea to bring the all-time favorite Mtiva CBD hemp chews. It is quick and easy to take – and a good hemp fix for travel. The sweetness of the strawberry and kiwi flavor will keep you out of the candy aisle, and they have caffeine to help you stay alert during your drive.

Make Hydration Your Priority

You are probably thinking more water means more bathroom stops. While this is true, dehydration is not an option.

Dehydration while driving is more than simply an inconvenience. Dry eyes, weariness, impaired vision, and even double vision are potential side effects. Drinking enough water can help you stay in it for the long haul, too.

Bringing Mtiva CBD’s hemp oil can also be helpful, especially if it’s already part of a solid hemp supplement routine. Mix it with your water for some extra flavor.

Get Going Early

It’s the best way to beat the traffic for a less hectic start to your day. How early is up to you but the earlier, the better? It’s a great way to see the sunrise from different parts of the country, too.

Along those same lines, stop for the night before sunset. After driving all day, you don’t want to be behind the wheel when it gets dark. Nighttime is when the wildlife comes out to play, and you increase your risk of hitting something that darts in front of you on the highway.

If you need a boost in those early hours, try Mtiva CBD Oil with Caffeine, Vitamin C, and B12 to get you going. It is 100 percent THC-free.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Before you leave, try to get at least seven hours for two consecutive nights to build up some reserves. While on the road, try to get at least seven hours each night, too.

It is not always easy to fall asleep in a bed that isn’t yours, though. Mtiva CBD can help there, too. Our CBD Gummies for Sleep would make a nice nighttime treat to help you sleep. These strawberry CBD-infused chews are specially formulated to help you fall asleep naturally.

Stretch Out Those Muscles

A good rule of thumb is to take a stretching break every 100 miles and schedule one 30 minute break at some point during the day. If you plan your breaks, you’ll make the ride more comfortable for everyone.

Also, bring the things you need to protect yourself while on the road, like sunglasses, a hat, and a heavy jacket in case the temperature drops. If you do find yourself with some aches and pains, be sure to pack your Mtiva CBD topical pain cream with menthol. This all-natural cooling balm may be just what you need to keep going.

You'll Need Entertainment

Driving can be tedious, so decide upfront how everyone in the car will stay entertained. Playlists, handheld gaming consoles, podcasts, audiobooks, write down some things you can do to keep the fun going while in the car.

Plan Ahead Because Some Time Things Just Happen

More than anything else, be ready for the unexpected. That’s part of the fun of being on the road. Do your homework, so you know how to fix little things that might come up like a flat tire. Plug essential numbers into your phone, so if something comes up that you can’t fix, you'll have someone to call.

Also, plan in case of extreme weather like rain and wind storms or heavy snow. You need to be able to handle whatever Mother Nature might throw your way.

Finally, use your GPS wisely. The directions are not always perfect, so have a backup plan like having an old-school map on hand if you need an alternative route. Also, download a compass app to your phone. Don’t forget to bring a charger for the phone, too.

Some of the best vacations ever involve just getting in your car and driving. Whether you plan a day trip or travel from one coast to the other, make sure to check out the Mtiva CBD website and order the supplies you need to make the trip.