It's Growing: What is Behind the Popularity of the Smokable CBD Flower

December 29, 2021

The CBD hemp flower is giving new meaning to the phrase Flower Power. The rise in popularity of the smokable CBD flower comes as a surprise to most connoisseurs of cannabis. Still, it is a concept that is blooming right now. Some say that this format of CBD is the most enjoyable. What is it about the hemp flower that is getting everyone high on the idea?

What Is CBD Hemp Flower?

The idea might be confusing if you're unfamiliar with smokable hemp flowers but are a fan of CBD products in general. When you hear the word flower, you think of a bud of a plant. Hemp flower refers to the hemp plant's smokable buds, also known as nugs. Hemp CBD flower is the part of the hemp plant responsible for seeds. It is also the part that is the most aromatic. 

If you are still confused, your next question is probably, “What exactly is hemp?” Hemp, like marijuana, is a Cannabis sativa plant. In contrast to marijuana, hemp varieties do not generate the chemicals that cause intoxication. As a result, hemp became nationally lawful in the 2018 Farm Bill.

Why Focus on the Flower?

Because that’s where you find the most CBD. Hemp flower CBD has less than 0.3 percent Delta 9 THC and is non-psychoactive, which means it won't get you high like ordinary marijuana, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good time. 

Marijuana has a bad reputation because of its intoxicating effects. While THC-dominant cannabis has its advantages, not everyone wants to get high. CBD is an alternative that offers many of the same benefits but without the risks that can come with marijuana, such as intoxication and addiction. 

Every CBD product starts with the CBD flower. Smoking it directly is the most potent way to enjoy the benefits that come with CBD, though. 

Some benefits that come with smoking hemp flower include:

  • Fast-acting results – The fastest way to your bloodstream is via the lungs. That means smokable hemp flower is faster acting than both CBD oil and edibles. 
  • Affordability – You’ll find that smokable hemp flower is more affordable than oil and edibles, too. 
  • Entourage effect – Hemp flower includes a variety of additional components, along with the CBD, including cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. In the hemp business, we call this the entourage effect. It means that a variety of components work together to give you the best experience. 

If you are still not sold on the idea, just know that most users consider the hemp flower the most enjoyable part of the plant. 

Finding Your Personal Flower Power

CBD flower, like THC-rich cannabis, comes in a plethora of distinct strains, each with a unique set of characteristics. No two stains smell or taste alike, which is part of the reason the smokable CBD flower is growing in popularity. 

Start with the brand first when searching for your personal smokable flower power. They are not all created equal. At Mtiva Farms, we provide the ‘homegrown’ factor that many are missing. Our flowers come from our own local and family-owned farm. Our hemp is 100 percent natural with no pesticides or harsh chemicals. We grow our product in nutrient-dense soil at the foot of the Berkshire mountains. 

Once you decide on a brand, MtivaCBD, the next step is to pick the flower the works best for you. We currently offer three varieties: Lifter, Hawaiian Haze and Suver Haze. 

What Is Lifter?

MtivaCBD Lifter is the best way to start your day. Our Lifter Strain CBD hemp flower offers a cannabinoid profile with sweet fruity flavors and just a hint of earthy overtones and citrus. It not only relaxes you, but this smokable hemp flower also helps to focus your mind. 

The MtivaCBD Lifter Hemp Flower has 22 percent total cannabinoids and 19 percent CBD. It will also give you a pleasant buzz without the euphoria that makes marijuana a bit of a drag. You’ll find the Lifter strain is an excellent choice whether you are going out for some fun with friends or staying at home and focusing on work. 

What Is Hawaiian Haze?

Step onto one of the sunny beaches of Hawaii with our Hawaiian CBD hemp flower strain. It is the right choice for both day and evening use because it makes you feel friendly and talkative. 

MtivaCBD Hawaiian Haze offers 20 percent total cannabinoids and 18 percent CBD along with a powerful and intense flavor. Using it will help you feel more at ease and confident, especially in social situations. The tropical fruit flavor and the floral scent will have you dreaming about your next vacation spot. Hint: it will be sandy.  

What is Suver Haze?

Suver Haze gets its name from its unique pairing. This strain is a cross between the Resin Berry and Suver #8. It is your end-of-the-day flower power. Suver Haze is like having a nightcap right before bed. It allows your mind to clear and your body to relax. 

MtivaCBD Suver Haze offers 24 percent cannabinoids and 20 percent CBD. That combination is uplifting and peaceful. Although it is often a bedtime treat, it works well for peaceful daytime activities, too. 

The flavor is as complex as it gets. Suver Haze weaves the taste of pine, lemon, cardamom, and sour apple to give your fruity notes with an earthy finish. 

Looking Ahead

MtivaCBD is expecting – more smokable hemp flower strains soon. We will be adding three new strains to our hemp flower lineup: White CBG, Super Sour Space Candy (That’s right, we said it), and Sour Elektra. We expect more positive CBD hemp flower reviews as our lineup grows. 

If you are looking for CBD hemp flower online, check out our website at We cultivate CBD-rich hemp products that come directly from our farm. Along with hemp flower products, we offer CBD oils, chews, and topicals for your healthy lifestyle.