Organic, Full-Spectrum CBD Oil For Dogs

August 03, 2019

Organic, Full-Spectrum CBD Oil For Dogs

If you are looking for the place to get the best CBD oil for dogs, you are in the right spot. When looking for where to get CBD oil for dogs, keep in mind that you are seeking something wonderfully simple: organic, whole plant hemp oil.

So, if full-spectrum oil from the whole plant is not regulated in humans, is it any different for pets? No, CBD oil for dogs is not government-regulated and the study of its benefits for pets has not received much research attention yet. Throughout the country, some individual veterinarians are using it, but the American Veterinary Medical Association does not take a position on cannabis oil of any type.

Much as it is with humans, CBD oil has become a go-to aid for people who tried mainstream veterinary drugs without success.

What Is CBD, and What Is CBD for Pets?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a natural and non-psychoactive component of the Cannabis sativa plant. Of the two main cannabis plants, marijuana and hemp, it is hemp that has the higher percentage of CBD. At the same time, hemp has a very low maximum tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. By law, THC is always under 0.3%. So, CBD won't get your pet high. Its components differ from marijuana used for human medical or recreational purposes. This is why you can buy CBD oil in places where marijuana may not be legally sold. (Never, ever give animals pot or leave pot-infused edibles out where your pet could get hold of these items.)

CBD is a plant-based and non-harmful option for easing painful or stress-related imbalances. Thus, CBD products are widely available. You'll even find CBD oil dosage for dogs in pet treats at liquor stores! We recommend pure, full-spectrum hemp oil to ensure a blend of benefits and the ability to measure the CBD in precise doses.

CBD is often used for pets who suffer seizures, who need a stress-reducer, or whose conditions that have not responded to veterinary pharmaceuticals. Some pet owners seek it for support in arthritic pets, in light of a Cornell study in which dogs took CBD oil twice a day for osteoarthritis, with good results.

Note: the science is not settled on how CBD interacts with medications. Always speak with your veterinarian before using CBD or any other supplement.

CBD oil benefits occur when it interacts with a mammal's internal cannabinoid receptors. Yes, there are natural receptors for cannabis compounds in our pets' bodies. They regulate how a being experiences pain, discomfort, anxiety, hunger, and sleepiness.

In short, CBD for pets is cannabis oil, made through the extraction of CBD from the whole plant and blending it with a natural carrier oil. It is not considered a drug. It is intended to gently support the balance of your pet’s internal neurological and immune systems, by directly engaging the endocannabinoid system.

How Much CBD Oil for Dogs Is the Best Amount?
We recommend selecting our 250mg CBD oil for your pet. As a rule, for dogs as well as cats, start off slow and work up to 1 – 5 mg of CBD hemp oil for every 10 lbs. your pet weighs.

To ease discomfort continually, give a low dose every 8 hours as desired. When working with anxiety, temperament issues, or unwanted, stress-related activity, one or two does daily should suffice.  

Some customers have asked us specifically about CBD oil for dogs with cancer. As we've noted, CBD for dogs or cats is meant to support the animal's internal endocannabinoid system. Therefore, we do not claim that CBD oil benefits will result in prevention or cures for cancer, or any other diseases. Making claims about cures and treatments is inappropriate for products that are not categorized as drugs under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and given FDA approval.

 The Good News for Your Dog's Well-Being
When you use organic CBD oil for dogs side effects should not occur. Of course, you should take sensible precautions and never leave the bottle around for your pets to gobble up!

In 3-5 days the CBD should be engaging your pet's internal system, with most of the benefits of CBD oil settling in over two weeks.

Each pet is different. It can take a range of time for cannabis receptors to be stimulated at the optimal level.

Here's to your pet's best quality of life! Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

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