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Hemp Extract CBD Topicals

Formulated from CBD-rich hemp grown on our licensed hemp farm in Upstate New York, our professionally formulated CBD pain topical is made with the highest quality ingredients, including 1000mg of CBD combined with some of nature's most well-respected anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing all stars, like arnica and menthol to provide a rapid cooling effect perfect for your sore joints and muscles. Every batch is lab tested for potency and impurities to ensure you only get the best quality to get results.

CBD Pain Balm 1000mg with Cooling Menthol, THC Free

CBD Pain Balm 1000mg with Cooling Menthol, THC Free


About Our CBD Topicals


You have a lot of options if you're looking for a hemp (CBD) product to help with your aches and pains. Hemp CBD products range from gummies, CBD hemp flower, hemp oils, and they all have the potential to help with pain relief. However, topical CBD products, such as a CBD cream for pain, may be particularly beneficial for muscular or joint discomfort.

Hemp extract infused with natural ingredients with no THC

Our CBD topicals use a powerful combination of our farm grown hemp extract combined with organic plant based anti-inflammatories that have natural pain fighting properties. We also remove any THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid of the hemp plant) left after the extraction process. We leave the remaining hundreds of different cannabinoids in the hemp plant, as they contain natural anti-inflammatory and pain busting benefits.

Created By Athletes

We are a group of former athletes, who after dealing with sports-related muscle and joint pain & soreness, created this powerful blend of CBD Hemp extract and natural ingredients that supports the body’s natural healing process, activity, and mobility without discomfort. Get back to the old you and live an active, healthy lifestyle.

Frequently Asked CBD Topical Questions

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