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Premium Hemp Lifter CBD Flower (Wholesale)

Wholesale Lifter Hemp Flower - Retail ready or by the pound.  

White Label -  buy our premium hemp flower packaged in stylish 8oz clear jars with white tops in 3.5g or 7g. (MOQ 10/6).  Comes with plastic seals.  No branding.  Stick your brand, place on shelves and sell.

  • $12.25/unit for 3.5g (10 units)
  • $21.00/unit for 7g (6 unites)

Buy with our packaging - hemp flower is packaged in 8oz jars with tamper seal and our incredible branding with QR code that takes customers to our product details page and COA.

Buy by the pound - $200.00

Email for more information:

Start your day with Lifter!

When smoking our Lifter CBD hemp flower, you get a wide breadth of its rich and robust cannabinoid profile. It is a great strain for both day and night. Relax in chill in social occasions and benefit from anxiety free encounters. A premium CBD flower grown in the USA on our licensed farm, MtivaFARM, in upstate New York. Personally one of our favorite strains this is one of the best sellers in our CBD store.

Taste: Lifter has a sweet aroma of tropical fruits with a hint of earthy overtones and citrus.

Smell: Lifter hemp flower has a strong citrus and earthy aroma.

Effects: Relaxing, Uplifting, Energy and Focus Booster.

Total Cannabinoids: 22%
Total CBD: 20%